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Grooming Basics From It's A Dogs Life - The Matted Pet

If your pet has not been combed and brushed every few days, they may already be in trouble! The tangling mats of hair can be so extensive that it can not be combed out and regular brushing can become painful. Further, matted hair can prevent needed airflow from reaching the skin of your pet. The extra scratching and clawing at the mats and can lead to bruising and skin irritation. Severe matting forms a kind of pelt on your pet that can be sheared off in large pieces. Moisture on a matted dog or cat can make the matting even worse. The matted fur shrinks as it dries like a felted wool, adhering more tightly to the skin and trapping in stale moisture. This also further irritates your dog or cat and can lead to injuries and an unhappy pet. The matted hair must be cared for while grooming and can take extra time and force a groomer to shave effected areas. The delay on the table can make your pet impatient and working with a matted animal is stressful to both the pet and groomer. The added stress can increase the chances of injury from sharp blades and biting pets. Matted hair shaving can also mean a more uneven coat that leads to even more time on the bench. Something that can make your dog or cat restless and harder to control. If you notice your pet’s hair becoming matted, and act quickly, a properly trained and caring groomer may be able to save the coat by dematting effected areas. Removing mats takes time and a great deal of patience and is often uncomfortable for you pet. Quality groomers will work on badly matted hair in sessions to lessen the frustration for your dog or cat. The extra time and care can lead to additional fees and longer or return visits to fix the issue. Prevention of hair mats is vital to your pet’s well-being. Therefore, it is important to brush and care for your pet’s coat every few days. Take time to check for matting and debris that is stuck in the hair. The professional groomers at It’s a Dog’s Life Pet Spa are more then happy to review brushing tips with you on your next visit.


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